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  • About Size

How can I choose my socks size?

M(US4~8.5 / 22~24.5 cm) and L(US9~12 / 25~29 cm) are in CHEGO socks. You can choose the size according to your sneakers/running shoes.

My foot size is between 2 sizes; how should I choose?

According to the preference of wearing socks: If you prefer the snug fit socks, we recommend going down one size; if you like a little looser, we recommend going up a size.
According to the feet shape: If your feet are thin and narrow, we recommend going down one size. If your feet are thick, we recommend going up a size that is more comfortable.

  • About Washing

Do I need to wash the new socks before wearing them?

We strictly require the cleanliness of the environment during the manufacturing process, and each pair of socks is subjected to high-temperature ironing before being put into the package, so it is no problem to wear them directly when you receive the new CHEGO socks.

Can CHEGO socks be washed and spun in a washing machine?

Yes, you can wash and spin CHEGO socks in a washing machine.

But we recommend putting the socks into the laundry bag before washing, which can reduce the friction between the socks and other clothes and prolong the socks' life.

Can CHEGO socks be dried in a dryer?

Yes, you can use a dryer if you put the CHEGO socks in a laundry bag and set it at a low temperature.

To avoid the pilling of socks due to friction with other clothes, we recommend putting socks in a laundry bag before drying. And we also recommended setting a low-temperature drying. If the dryer does not have a temperature setting function, we recommend drying socks in the shade.

Can CHEGO socks be washed with bleach or softener?

No, you can not wash CHEGO socks with bleach or softener since CHEGO socks are made of odor-control yarn. Using bleach or softener will destroy or reduce the odor-control effect. We recommend washing socks with neutral detergent to maximize the odor-control effect.

Will there be no odor-control effect after washing several times?

No. Since the odor-control yarns used by CHEGO socks are all manufactured in a "pre-processed" manufacturing method. The odor-control effect will remain the same even if it increases in the time of washing.

Will the socks loosen after washing them several times?

No. The elastic yarn used by CHEGO socks is "DuPont Lycra." The extensibility is the best among elastic yarns.