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Runners' review of CHEGO Sports Socks

Runners' Review

The true feedback and review from runners

after wearing CHEGO Sports Socks

"If you are a person that always gets hot spots or blisters like me. If you tried these socks on you, instantly don't feel those at all from my experience!" - Paul

"I've had problems in the past with my feet swelling during runs and rides anything over two hours and so far what I've noticed with these socks is that is not happening, so I really appreciate that." - Rick

"I just finished a half marathon. Actually PR and a half marathon today. I did it in my CHEGO socks. So I love CHEGO socks. Arch Support Compression, Padding, Anti-Bacterial, all the things that you want. They're my only running socks that I wear right now! " - Nick.

"I have sesamoiditis and I haven't found this extra cushioning in any other sock, and it's really helped relieve that pain point on my runs." - Jeremy

"One of the features that I really love is this compression piece right here, that it envelops around the contour of your foot, and it really encourages blood flow." - Annie

"I like they are Right and Left running socks. The reason that's important to me is they're Foot-Shaped! That's important! Because there is not a lot of extra fabric that's running along the outside of my foot."- Nick.

"I also really appreciated the Arch Support during my race and the Ankle Support, too. My feet stayed dry, these socks are very breathable. My feet stayed cool and fresh, and at the end of the race, I didn't have any blisters on my feet, and that's awesome! " - Natalie

"I've actually run into them twice in the rain, they dried out pretty well they're very breathable and I will continue to be running these socks just to test them out, see how long they last. " - Chris

"I was afraid it was going to be a little bit too much. But I have had no issues with it. The sock has been really, really comfortable, and so I look forward to testing it out for another couple of weeks, and I'm sure it's definitely going to be a sock that I will continue to use long after that." - Carola