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  • CHEGO Sports Socks Story

Story of CHEGO Sports Socks

CHEGO Sports Socks expand to the United States

Expand to the United States

In the second half of 2019, the CHEGO team made a bold decision: Expand the market to the United States. We cooperate with outstanding runners and fitness coaches from various states. These professional athletes not only experience CHEGO Sports Socks, but we are also planning on some exciting projects. Stay tuned!

CHEGO sports socks healthy lifestyle

CHEGO is not only a sports brand, but an attitude toward healthy lifestyle

Other than providing quality products, CHEGO cares about how people live a healthy lifestyle.


CHEGO Official constantly shares different kinds of exercise information with our customers. CHEGO plans to cooperate with fitness trainers and dietitians to provide the newest and correct information regarding exercising, fitness training, and healthy diets.

Story of CHEGO Sports Socks

Story of CHEGO

Jamie was a product designer who fell in love with fitness training during her socks design work in Japan. Worked as a product designer, from time to time, Jamie would visit sports clothing stores as a fitness training enthusiast.


After a long-term observation, Jamie realized that many excellent sports socks gave women a great sense of distance because of their masculine design, which caused sports' unfamiliarity.

“How nice would it be if there are sports clothing specially designed for women? Sports clothing should emphasize functionality and one of the most important factors for women, the beautiful outlook. “

This thought has been wondering in Jamie’s brain since then.


In 2015, Jamie made the pivot turning decision by quitting her job in Japan and established CHEGO to make her idea come true.

CHEGO Sports Socks Design Concept

From Women’s Perspective

Different from the masculine-looking sports socks in the market. From a women’s perspective, Jamie observed that there lots of spaces for improvement. No matter the appearance of the functional design.


With 12 years of experience in product design, Jamie kept her eye on her designs' little details. With the exclusive woven method and the unique soft color matching, CHEGO sports socks have been created, allowing women athletes not only to train professionally but training beautifully.