Challenge Plan

{ Join the Challenge Plan and enjoy a 15% off discount on all products }

In addition to selling quality sports socks, CHEGO also hopes to encourage everyone to maintain a good habit of sports. Join the Challenge Plan now! In addition to maintaining good health habits, you can enjoy a 15% discount on all products!

How to join the Challenge Plan

Leave your post in our Facebook fan page (or private message) tell us your sports challenge goal, and you can get  $3.00 shopping deposit. After your goal is completed, you can get a 15% discount coupon!


1 / Sports-related goals can be, for example: muscle gain (Kg), fat loss (%), at least 3 days of jogging for 1 month, even to do plank more than 5 minutes, etc., set your own goals according to your own ability.

2 / If you reach the target during your own setting, please tell us.

3 / Please use: photo/video/sports app, record the private message, and welcome to leave your post in our fan page to share with everyone! Just let us know that you have achieved your goal, and you can enjoy a 15% off all products!

4 / The 15% off coupon will be sent by Facebook private message.


The Challenge Plan is hoping that everyone can motivate themselves and maintain a good habit of exercise. (we only accept a healthy and positive approach!) We hope that everyone will use sports and change the way of your daily diet, instead of malicious dieting or eating diet pills to ruin your body, thank you.