About CHEGO Functional Socks


CHEGO insists to do our best in those little details

In addition to the appearance, we put our priority on fibers and weaving methods.

All CHEGO products utilized the state-of-art anti-allergic functional yarns to provide the best protection for your foot. The eco-friendly raw materials doesn’t cause river pollution nor cause environmental hazards. In addition, CHEGO provides multiple product options for different exercise intensity and different customer needs.

Protected your foot with functional weaving methods and designed with simple but stylish appearance, CHEGO sport socks can show your taste of fashion not only in arenas but also in your daily lives.

About CHEGO Functional Socks

CHEGO stands at the front line to understand user needs and provides the most suitable products to everyone

CHEGO Founder / Designer, Jamie Yang, has studied and worked many years as a product designer in socks industry in Tokyo, Japan. During the time, Jamie learned multiple types of yarns, textile techniques, and how to corporate with cross country teams. With years of professional experience and the passion toward fitness, Jamie keeps developing high quality sport socks for professional athletes.

About CHEGO Functional Socks

Proudly made in Taiwan. Quality inspection to secure the best product.

We are proud to be an eco-friendly business with the reduce the carbon footprint as much as we could.CHEGO partners with manufacturers who works closely with Japan and Germany socks companies. With the experienced multinational cooperation and advanced manufacturing machines, we are confident to provide high quality products to our customers.

Before mass production, CHEGO would run a full sample process for three times in minimum to make sure the color, fit, and function meet the CHEGO design specification.In detail, CHEGO inspects stitching, stretchiness and the color after the washing test to safeguard the qualities our products. During the prototype stage, we work closely with the manufacturers on correction and improvement to make sure we have the finest settings to enter the mass production stage.

About CHEGO Functional Socks