CHEGO Sports Socks Blog shared CHEGO stories, the knowledge of sports socks, wellness life and healthy diet.

CHEGO Sports Socks Blog

 We shared CHEGO stories,
the knowledge of sports socks,
wellness life, and a healthy diet.

5 Ways to Getting Rid of Smelly Feet

If you have smelly feet, you may feel embarrassed when you have to take off shoes. In this article, we share the five ways to help you get rid of smelly feet! Read More

I Have Sensitive Skin, Can I Wear CHEGO Socks?

Sure! If you have sensitive skin, you should choose CHEGO Socks. I am Jamie, the founder of CHEGO. I have sensitive skin since I was a child. If the quality of the socks’ yarn is bad, my feet become red and itchy. Read More→

BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks
Wear Experience

- Jocelyn -

These socks are super soft, and they feel great!! They also provide adequate compression to help with circulation as well! 

How to Choose the Right Sports Socks?

If you want to enhance your running skills, in addition, to choose the running shoes and insoles fit for you, the suitable sports socks are also the key point. Let me tell you how to choose the right sports socks!

Why should I wear the athletic socks that designed left and right?

Have you ever noticed some of the athletic socks are labeled “left” and “right”? Sometimes these socks called “asymmetrical fit socks”. Read the article to know how the asymmetrical fit socks greatly improve the performance of athletes!

BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks
Wear Experience

- Liubov Lomonosova -

⁣"I fell in love with those socks right away." Read more to know the reasons why!⁣

BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks
Wear Experience

- Kathleen -

As a flat-footed runner, arch support is huge. These socks have a compression arch that supports me beautifully with a cushioned heel and toe.

Are Compression Socks Good for Sports?

Have you ever had the same question: If the compression socks are good for sports? In this post, we organize this information, welcome to share it with your friends who have the same questions!

What is the Best Way to Fight Viruses?

There are more and more people who have gotten COVID-19 and the virus has spread to many countries. Many people feel anxious about the pandemic. Read more to know what is the best way to fight viruses.

How Often Do I Need to Replace My Socks?

In my opinion, socks are consumables because socks often rub against shoes or floor. For example, the uneven force during walking or exercise and washing methods will cause socks with broken holes or sagging.

How to Get Rid of Blisters on Your Feet?

Anyone who often exercises knows the blisters on your feet are very uncomfortable and annoying. When you are exercising, these blisters make you feel pain and have to stop exercising. Read more to know how to get rid of blisters!

The Secret of Breaking Marathon PB

The BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks have enhanced the coverage of the vulnerable areas, fitting your feet perfectly, just like the second skin to protect your feet in long-term exercises.

Why are CHEGO Sports Socks so
Comfortable & High Quality?

Many friends and customers have ever asked me: “Why are CHEGO Sports Socks so comfortable and high quality?” I always smile and say: “It is a big project!” Read more to know why CHEGO Sports Socks always so high quality!

Our Promise

If you still have trouble wearing socks, I strongly recommend you to try CHEGO! CHEGO Sports Socks will be your best partner when you do intensive exercises.