If you want to enhance your running skills,
in addition to choosing the running shoes and insoles fit for you, a pair of suitable sports socks are also the key point.
Let me tell you how to check your foot arch type and choose the best running socks which fit your feet!


Check Your Foot Arch Type
It’s important to know your foot arch type. Because different foot arch types require different functional sports socks.
The first step is finding out whether you have “normal arches”, “flat feet”, or “high arches”.
Just follow these easy step to take a foot arch test:

1- Step into the water with one foot, and make sure all parts of your foot bottom get wet.
2- Remove your foot from water, and step onto a piece of flattened color paper/cardboard that will show your footprint.
3- Remove your foot from the paper/cardboard and take a photo.
4- Repeat the process with your other foot.

Take your footprint and we will introduce you to how “high arches” or “flat feet” people choose their own sports socks.


(image: walkrite)


High Arches
If you just see your heel, the ball of your foot, and your toes in your footprint, you have high arches.
Having high arches means that less of your foot touches the ground when walking or running.
It provides less shock absorption and may cause arch inflexibility, ankle pain, or a tight Achilles tendon.

(image: Dr.Foot)

If you have high arches, the socks with cushion are extra important! The cushion can support your feet to absorb impact properly.
I recommend “CUSHION Ankle Socks” for you.
CUSHION Ankle Socks is designed with a full-foot cushion to minimize your feet friction and discomfort.
It is also designed with honeycomb-shaped mesh. The honeycomb-shaped mesh was implemented on insteps to keep our feet cool and dry.
For people who need to wear socks for a long period, the design would greatly lower the bacteria growth rate and eliminate the foot odor.

Read More CUSHION Ankle Socks:
Men's: https://chegous.com/cushionmen
Women's: https://chegous.com/cushionwomen



Flat Feet
If the footprint is almost a complete foot, you most likely have flat feet.
It means you have less arch support than normal arches.
It is not only painful when you walking or running, but it may lead to other more serious problems.
Such as you may feel pain or fatigue along the inner side of your feet and arches, or feel lower back stiff easily.


(image: Urgently Ortho)

According to your needing, I recommend “BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks”.
The socks designed with very effective arch support functions.
The arch support design assists in relieving the pain of your feet, and also provides good circulation of blood flow on your feet.
A healthy blood circulation would keep your feet agile and being able to exercise effortlessly.
On the other hand, for keeping your feet dry and breathable, BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks is also designed with honeycomb-shaped mesh.

Read More BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks:
Men’s: https://chegous.com/barefootmen
Women’s: https://chegous.com/barefootwomen



We hope these suggestions can help you find which socks feels best on your feet.


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