What is the Best Way to Fight Virus?

  There are more and more people who have gotten COVID-19 and the virus has spread to many countries. Many people feel anxious about the pandemic. Actually, we don’t have to be over panic, because a good immune system can kill most of virus and germs.   What is “Immune System”? Immune system is like a defense system in our body. It can identify then kill virus and germs. If your immune system is too weak, you will get cold, tonsillitis, or partial inflammation easily. On the contrary, if your immune system is too strong to let your body have overreaction, it will make the system imbalance.   How to Strengthen Your Immune System? Keeping good habits is the first step! For example, high sleeping quality, a balanced and healthy diet, no smoking and no alcoholism, taking vitamins moderately, these can keep your immune system at its best. But the most important thing is EXERCISE REGULARLY!  To do exercise regularly can make your immune system be strong and kill virus and germs more easily. According to the medical studies in recent years, muscle and immune system are complementary. The more muscles you have, the stronger your immune system is.     Pick a Pair of Comfort Socks to Start Exercising! The key point of keeping exercise regularly is choosing the sport equipment which you like! In addition to choose comfortable sneakers and sportswear, sport socks are also very important. CHEGO sport socks is famous for its high function, high protection and high quality fiber. We also have the most complete quality control system to make sure every pair of socks fit your feet perfectly. If you plan to start exercising, you may choose your favorite sport socks on CHEGO online shop!   — Shop CHEGO 👉🏼Men’s 👉🏼Women’s  

How Often Do I Need to Replace My Socks?

  The Factors of Replacing Your Socks My friends and customers sometimes ask me ”How often do I need to replace my socks?” In my opinion, socks are consumables because socks often rub against shoes or floor. For example, the uneven force during walking or exercise and washing methods will cause socks with broken holes or sagging. Other reasons such as: the material and quality of socks, wearer’s physique and wearing habits might also cause the socks to be prone to odor. With the above possible factors, it is really difficult to tell you a clear deadline on when you should change a pair of new socks.   Our Promise According to our customer wearing experience, the average service life for CHEGO socks is 2 YEARS, without any broken holes or sagging, and the antibacterial and deodorant effect are still very good. But based on hygiene issues, I recommend replacing socks at least once a year. When we promote CHEGO, we rarely use “Wear-Resistance” and “Deodorizing” as characteristics, because these are the most basic requirements of CHEGO in the R&D and quality control stage. Therefore, many marathon runners and athletes have purchased again with much more quantity, or recommending CHEGO sport socks to other runners. In addition to COMFORT, WEAR-RESISTANCE and DEODORIZATION are the feature that we want to emphasize!     About Wear-Resistance During the R&D stage, the communication with professional developers is very important. For each design change, we discussed and brainstormed with the developers again and again, in order to make the socks more fit to the feet shape. We eventually came up with an ergonomic three-dimensional version, which later becomes the design basis of our BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks.   About Deodorizing The antibacterial and deodorizing fibers we have chosen are all in medical grade! Don't worry about the skin sensitization or irritation when you wear CHEGO socks.   If you are looking for a pair of sport socks which are comfortable, high protective and breathable, JUST WEAR CHEGO!   — Shop CHEGO 👉🏼Men’s 👉🏼Women’s  

How to Get Rid of Blisters on Your Feet?

  Do You Have the Same Experience? Anyone who often exercises knows the blisters on your feet are very uncomfortable and annoying. When you are running, biking, or hiking, these blisters make you feel pain and have to stop exercising. It’s very important to know blisters and how to prevent them.   Why We Have Blisters? When you are exercising, excessive friction between feet and socks can easily cause blisters. Because of the greater friction, the wet feet are more prone to blisters. Too thin or too hard socks can also increase the friction and cause blisters.   Tips for Preventing Blisters on Feet: Wear breathable socks. I can’t deny that choosing a pair of better shoes is important, but don’t forget that the socks are much closer to our feet than shoes. The breathable socks keep your feet dry and reduce the chance of blisters. Each pair of CHEGO sport socks has the honeycomb-shaped mesh design. The honeycomb-shaped mesh is implemented on insteps to keep our feet cool and dry. For people who needs to wear socks for a long period, the design would greatly lower the blisters rate. In addition, CHEGO sport socks has the soft cushion where the feet are prone to blisters. Like cushioned design on the little toe, the metatarsal bone, and the tips of our toes.     If You Have a Blister Now: When you are getting a blister, it is important to stop any exercise. Use a band-aid to protect the blister, do not pop it! Most blisters will heal themselves after a few days. Popping the blister will increase the opportunity for infections. And you can sit down slowly, open CHEGO Sport Socks online shop and pick the socks you like to prevent the blisters. — Shop CHEGO: 👉🏼Men’s 👉🏼Women’s    

The Secret of Breaking Marathon PB

  – Socks and shoes, which is the key of breaking your marathon PB? I believe this is many runners’ question. Most people think shoes are more important than socks, but the fact is socks are closer to your feet than shoes.  Even if you wear the most comfortable shoes in the world, as long as the socks can’t fit your feet completely,  there will still be problems such as blisters or black toenails during exercise. Interviewed with nearly 100 runners,  we found that whether socks are completely fit their feet is the key to reduce sports injuries.  Especially for long-term exercises, choosing the professional functional socks is very important.   Try to think about it: Because of poor socks, your feet have blisters or black toenails during the marathon. For these reasons, your feet are getting more and more painful. It’s very difficult to complete the marathon, how do you break your personal best record?   – The features of BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks We understand the needs of runners. Therefore, CHEGO designed the “BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks”. The professional sport socks have enhanced the coverage of vulnerable area such as fingers, metatarsal, arches, and heels.  – Barefoot feeling provided by 3D modeling Wrap seamlessly around the contour of your foot.  Enhance the sensibility and performance as if you are on your barefoot.   – Arch Support: Assist Blood Circulation An effective arch support design can assist  the circulation of the blood flow on foot. A healthy blood circulation would keep our foot agile and minimize the occurrence of swelling or pain.   – Honeycomb-shaped Mesh: Evacuates hot air during exercises The honeycomb-shaped mesh was implemented on insteps to keep our foot cool and dry.  For people who needs to wear socks for a long period, the design would greatly lower the bacteria growth rate and eliminate the foot odor.   – Why did CHEGO name it “BAREFOOT”? Because the BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks can fit your feet perfectly, just like the second skin to protect your feet in long-term exercises. The BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks will be your best partner when you try to break your marathon PB. — Shop BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks 👉🏼Men's 👉🏼Women's    

Our Promise

  – Do you have the same troubles of wearing socks? “Why should I spend over $10 buying a pair of socks?” If you think so that means you are very lucky.  Because your feet are not easy to be allergic. I am Jamie, the founder of CHEGO. I have been skin allergic since I was a child. If the quality of socks fiber is bad,  even the elastic band,  my feet become red and itchy.   The unbreathable socks make your feet feeling wet and stuffy are usually made with poor fiber.  Not to mention that whether these socks providing you enough protections in intensive exercises. Every time, when I wear socks,  I always think: “This kind of unbreathable socks are uncomfortable,  why I have to wear it? ”  The idea of rejecting wearing socks has always existed in my mind.   – Why choose CHEGO Sport Socks? After I joined the Japanese fabric design company, my negative impressions on socks  have changed totally in a nicer way! As long as you choose the suitable fiber and  use the right weaving methods,  the socks can be very comfortable!  The insistence on fiber and weaving has become the original intention when I decided to set up CHEGO. 👉FIBER: The choice of antibacterial fiber from Germany finally solves the problem of allergic. 👉WEAVING: The unique weaving completely solves the problem of airtightness. We can even use the special weaving to soothe feet swelling and pain caused by exercise. — If you still have troubles of wearing socks,  I strongly recommend you to try CHEGO! CHEGO sport socks will be your best partner  when you do intensive exercises.  I am Jamie, the founder of CHEGO.  I promise you that as long as you try CHEGO,  you will feel our intentions.