How Cushion Socks Help Plantar Fasciitis Pain?

What Is Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar Fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain. The feet’ soles bear all the body weight, and the "plantar fascia" is like the cushion of the sole. It can absorb the impact force generated by the ground when walking, jumping, or running. It also maintains the stability of the arch of the foot. If the plantar fascia bears too much impact, some tiny lacerations will occur. These minor lacerations will heal on their own at the beginning, but if you over-stimulate the feet’ soles for a long time, over the years, it will become inflamed and swollen, and "plantar fasciitis" will form one step closer.   The 5 Risk factors Even though plantar fasciitis can develop without an apparent cause, some factors can increase your risk of developing this condition. They include: 1- Age Plantar fasciitis is most common after the ages of 40. As you get older, your foot muscles, ligaments, and tendons are gradually degraded. The atrophy of the plantar fat pad reduces the cushioning effect, which increases the load on the plantar fascia. So plantar fasciitis often occurs after 40 years old.   2- Uncomfortable Shoes Shoes can help disperse the impact of the feet. However, if you wear shoes that are not ergonomic for a long time, such as high heels or sole solid materials, it will invisibly increase the pressure on the arch. It will also cause Plantar Fasciitis.   3- Overexercise Overexercise will cause the plantar muscles and tendons to be overwhelmed. Excessive use of the plantar fascia can also cause plantar fasciitis. Do exercise is good for health, but it should be in moderation.   4- Foot Mechanics Flat feet, high feet arch, or an abnormal walking pattern will affect the weight distribution when you're standing or walking and add stress on the plantar fascia.   5- Excessive Weight Bearing On The Feet People who have to carry heavy objects for a long time have a higher risk of getting plantar fasciitis. Such as movers or construction site workers. Also, overweight people are high-risk groups! Because the feet bear long-term high weight and insufficient exercise, the plantar muscle strength is weak, which increases the burden on the foot and causes plantar fasciitis. (Image:   How to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis? The key to preventing plantar fasciitis lies in the two points: Reducing the burden on the feet. Relieving the plantar fascia.   Follow the 5 points to prevent plantar fasciitis properly: 1. Choose the right shoes and insoles. 2. For those with congenital foot structure abnormalities, consult a doctor about wearing suitable shoes. 3. Avoid overexercise and warm-up before work-out. 4. Do what you can when you lift heavy objects. 5. Weight control.   Choose the Right Socks, Say Good-Bye to Plantar Fasciitis! In addition to shoes and insoles, choosing suitable socks is also an important part! We recommend the CHEGO Cushion Ankle Socks for the people who have Plantar Fasciitis or high feet arch: Full-foot Cushion: Minimize feet friction Right-Angle Heel: Full fit and stability  Breathable Mesh: Keep feet cool and dry Antibacterial Fiber: Stay away from foot odor No Stitches: Ensure optimal comfort   The CHEGO Cushion Ankle Socks are breathable and cozy. The most important thing is the "Full Cushioned Design" on the soles of the socks. It can effectively buffer the sole’s reaction force when stepping on the ground and protect the plantar muscles all around. We highly recommend it to people who are troubled by plantar fasciitis. It is also suitable for people with high arch feet! The impact of the high arch is much higher than the standard feet arch. Whether the shoes, insoles, and socks, we recommend choosing the footwear with a "cushioning function" to protect the feet fully.   Shop CHEGO Cushion Ankle Socks: Men’s: Women’s:     Suppose you already have plantar fasciitis, in addition to the usual stretching and massage. In that case, You must find a professional doctor for consultation, and a complete course of treatment can reduce the chance of recurrence! — You may be interested: // Are Compression Socks Good for Sports? // // How to Choose the Right Sports Socks? //  


足底筋膜炎是什麼? 在日常生活中,腳掌承受了我們身體所有的重量, 而「足底筋膜」就像是足底的彈簧, 可以吸收腳踩地時地面所產生的衝擊力,還可維持足弓的穩定度。 如果足底筋膜承受過大的衝擊力,會產生一些微小的撕裂傷, 其實這些微小的撕裂傷一開始都會自行癒合;但如果長期過度刺激足底, 積年累月下來就會發炎腫脹,就會近一步形成「足底筋膜炎」。 美國骨科醫學會(OrthoInfo)指出,典型的足底筋膜炎症狀包含: 腳底腳跟處疼痛感向前延伸至足弓處 早晨剛起床時,腳落地的瞬間疼痛感最為明顯,過1~2小時後反而逐漸舒緩 運動後(非運動期間)疼痛感加劇     足底筋膜炎的5大成因 1- 足部機能退化 當年紀越大,足部肌肉、韌帶、肌腱皆逐漸退化,加上足底脂肪墊的萎縮, 當緩衝效果降低,就會增加足底筋膜的負荷,因此足底筋膜炎常好發於40歲之後。   2- 穿著不適合的鞋子 鞋子可以協助足部的支撐力,倘若長期穿著違反人體工學的鞋, 像是過高的高跟鞋、過硬的鞋底材質,無形中增加足弓壓力和足部負擔,長期下來也會導致足底筋膜炎。   3- 運動過度 運動過度導致足底肌肉和肌腱都不堪負荷,足底筋膜過度使用,也會造成足底筋膜炎。 運動是好事,但要適量喔!   4- 先天足部結構異常 若你的腳型是: 扁平足→足底筋膜長期被拉扯 高足弓→足弓過高,導致足跟承受較大的地面衝擊力 長短腳、腳掌內旋等先天足部結構異常,長期下來也會增加足底筋膜的負擔,是足底筋膜炎的高風險族群。   5- 足部過度承重 長期須拿重物者,像是搬家人員或是工地的工作人員,足部長期承受高重量, 就有較高的機率得足底筋膜炎。 另外,體重過重者也是高風險族群喔! 除了足部長期承受高重量外,運動量太少,導致足底肌力較弱, 便會增加足部負擔,導致足底筋膜炎。   (Image:   如何預防足底筋膜炎? 預防足底筋膜炎的關鍵在於「減少足部負擔」以及「舒緩足底筋膜」2大重點。 做到以下5點,可妥善預防足底筋膜炎喔: 選擇合適的鞋子與鞋墊 先天足部結構異常者,向醫生諮詢穿著適合的鞋子 對足部高衝擊的運動,適量即可,避免運動過度,運動前應完整熱身 提重物時量力而為 控制體重   選對襪子,跟足底筋膜炎說再見 除了鞋子和鞋墊,挑選適合的襪子也是很重要的一環! CHEGO的「安定感緩震襪」採: 足底全氣墊設計:有效緩衝踩踏的反作用力 90度腳跟編織:符合人體工學,怎麼動都不滑落 蜂窩狀透氣孔:加速排散熱氣與汗水 抗菌消臭纖維:跟腳臭說再見 手工對目:腳趾處無異物感   「安定感緩震襪」整體透氣又柔軟,最重要的是足底的「全氣墊設計」, 能有效緩衝足底踩踏地面時的反作用力,全方位保護足底肌! 非常推薦給為足底筋膜炎困擾的朋友們,也適合高足弓腳型的人喔! 先天高足弓的朋友們,足跟承受的衝擊力比一般人高出許多, 不論是鞋子、鞋墊,還有襪子都建議挑選厚一些,具有「緩震功能」的足部配件,才能完整保護雙腳。 逛逛安定感緩震襪: 男款: 女款:     如果你已經得足底筋膜炎,除了平時的伸展、按摩以外, ㄧ定要在第一時間找專業的醫生諮詢,有完整的療程才能降低復發機率! 點這裡前往:在家即可做的簡單復健(林新醫院提供) — 你可能有興趣: // 手把手教你挑選運動襪-足弓篇 // // 你有腳臭煩惱嗎?用這5招脫鞋再也不尷尬 //

5 Ways to Getting Rid of Smelly Feet

If you have smelly feet, you may feel embarrassed when you have to take off shoes. In this article, we share the five ways to help you get rid of smelly feet!   What Causes Smelly Feet? Before you want to battle smelly feet, you should know what causes smelly feet first! There are two main reasons:   1- Bacteria and Moisture One of the causes of foot odor is that the feet are kept in a warm and humid environment for a long time, providing excellent bacteria growth conditions. When the bacteria rid themselves of wastes from breaking down oils and dead skin cells, bad smells can result.   2- Unbalanced Diet The other reason cause foot odor is the unbalanced diet. Suppose you eat a lot of greasy food or meat, and the intake of fruits and vegetables is insufficient. When the nutritional intake is not balanced, it will be shown in the smell of sweat.   Since bacteria mostly cause foot odor, it is very likely to get onychomycosis and another foot disease if not dealt with in time.   Here are five ways to prevent feet odor:   1- Go to A Doctor  If you already have foot disease, we strongly recommend that you see a doctor. Do not listen to folk remedies; the professional judgment of a doctor is the most accurate!   2- Balanced Diet Eat more fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid greasy, spicy, and heavy-tasting meals.   3-Clean Your Feet Carefully Carefully clean your feet when taking a bath, which indirectly reduces the provision of bacterial food, and also reduces the chance of foot odor!   4- Put Shoes In a Ventilated Place Moisture is also the leading cause of foot odor. The placement of shoes is critical! Be sure to keep the shoe placement area ventilated and dry, which can effectively reduce odor.   5- Choose the Socks Which Are With Cotton Yarn, Breathable Design, and Anti-Odor Material It is the most crucial point! When we choose socks, avoiding nylon socks, and selecting the cotton one. Cotton socks can help our feet keeping cool and dry. We recommend our CHEGO Socks. Not only the socks’ material are cotton, but also mix the anti-odor yarn—besides, every pair of socks with honeycomb-shaped mesh. The breathable design can release the feet’s sweat and heat faster than normal socks. CHEGO socks are your best weapon for battling smelly feet! — You may be interested: // How Often do I Need to Replace My Socks? // ​// I Have Sensitive Skin, Can I Wear CHEGO Socks? // — Shop CHEGO Men's: Women's:  


有腳臭困擾的朋友,遇到需要脫鞋的場合總是尷尬不已。 今天要來跟大家分享,如何有效迅速遠離腳臭!   腳臭2大成因 擺脫腳臭之前,要先了解腳臭的成因,才能對症下藥!   1- 腳處於高溫潮濕的環境,細菌大量滋生 腳掌發達的汗腺稱為「小汗腺」。原本和身體其他部位的汗水一樣,沒有什麼特殊氣味。 而造成腳臭味的原因,大致是因為雙腳長時間處於高溫潮濕的環境, 提供了細菌絕佳的生長條件。這些細菌的食物來源就是腳部的汗水、皮脂、角質。 細菌生長再代謝後,便形成了腳臭味。   2- 飲食不當 另外一種腳臭是飲食不當引起的。 現代人生活忙碌,一忙起來就不太會注重營養均衡,加上外食機會多,餐點大多油膩且重口味, 如果吃進大量肉類,蔬果的攝取量又不足的話,就會讓血液中產生大量代謝「多硫胺基酸」,再由汗水代謝排出。 其實「多硫胺基酸」就是汗臭味的兇手啦!   由於腳臭大多是細菌造成,如果沒有妥善處理,很有可能會染上香港腳、 灰指甲等難纏的腳部疾病喔!   5招改善腳臭 1- 醫生專業診治 如果你已經有腳部疾病,我們強烈建議你一定要去看醫生。 千萬不能聽信偏方,醫生的專業判斷是最準確的!   2-注重飲食均衡 即使外食也要多攝取蔬果,點餐時可以盡量避開油膩、辛辣、和一些重口味的餐點。   3- 仔細清潔雙腳 洗澡時仔細清潔腳部,提醒自己盡量每週去角質1次。 除了將油脂、髒污洗淨以外,也間接減少提供足部細菌食物,當然能減少腳臭的機率囉!   4- 將鞋子放置通風處 潮濕也是造成腳臭的主因,鞋子的存放處當然是很重要的! 一定要保持鞋子放置區的通風和乾燥,自然能有效降低細菌滋生和減少異味。   5- 選擇含棉量高、透氣、抗菌消臭的襪子 這是最重要的一點!選購襪子的時候,避開尼龍等不吸汗的材質, 選擇含棉量高的襪子,可讓足部維持較乾爽的狀態。 跟大家推薦CHEGO的襪子, 除了含棉量高,還有獨家「蜂窩狀透氣孔」,能加速排出熱氣與汗水, 材質則是選用醫療等級的抗菌消臭紗,抗菌消臭的效果幾乎是半永久,數百次洗滌都能維持抗菌力。 CHEGO的襪子,絕對是你對抗腳臭的最佳夥伴! — 你可能有興趣: // 敏感肌也能放心穿CHEGO襪嗎? //  // 運動襪除了分左右腳,連形狀都是大學問!//  — 逛逛CHEGO 男款: 女款:  

I Have Sensitive Skin, Can I Wear CHEGO Socks?

  I Have Sensitive Skin, Can I Wear CHEGO Socks? Sure! If you have sensitive skin, you should choose CHEGO Socks. I am Jamie, the founder of CHEGO. I have sensitive skin since I was a child. If the quality of the socks’ yarn is bad, my feet become red and itchy. Based on the above reason, when we selecting materials for socks, we select the yarns which suitable for sensitive skin! So we chose “Smartcel™ Sensitive” among various anti-bacterial yarns.     What is ”Smartcel™ Sensitive” Yarn? Let’s talk about “Zinc” first. ” Zinc" is a very important natural element to protect our skin. "Zinc Oxide" has been widely used in medicine, cosmetics, and even vitamin preparation ingredients for many years.  It is safe and effective. Zinc Oxide can reduce skin inflammation and also make the skin metabolize naturally. Smartcel™ Sensitive uses patented technology to permanently embed Zinc Oxide into the fiber. The patented technology can effectively reduce odor and be anti-bacterial for a long time.     Comfortable and Secure In Smartcel™ Sensitive yarn, the purity of Zinc Oxide is high,  and it has passed many international certifications*. Whether you have sensitive skin or allergic skin, you can wear it with peace of mind!   *Reference:   — Shop CHEGO Men's: Women's: — You may be interested: // How to Choose the Right Sports Socks? // // How Often do I Need to Replace My Socks? //  


  超容易過敏的敏感肌,也能放心穿CHEGO襪嗎? 三不五時會有顧客向闆娘詢問,家人或自己是敏感肌, 甚至患有異位性皮膚炎,是不是可以放心穿CHEGO的襪襪? 剛認識CHEGO的新朋友不免好奇, 為什麼CHEGO大聲標榜敏感肌也能放心穿?   CHEGO的選料小故事 如果是CHEGO的老朋友,看過早期的品牌介紹文章就會知道, 闆娘屬於非常敏感的膚質,雖然沒到異位性皮膚炎的程度, 但三不五時皮膚某處就會紅一片然後癢個2、3天。 若是穿到選料粗糙、襪口太緊、泡過抗菌藥水的襪子, 整雙腳就會嚴重紅、腫、癢, 所以闆娘完全可以體會敏感膚質朋友的心酸 基於以上原因,我們在選料時, 絕對以敏感膚質也適用的材質為優先考量! 才會在琳瑯滿目的抗菌紗中選擇了:德國進口氧化鋅纖維(smartcel™ sensitive)。     什麼是氧化鋅? 「鋅」是保護皮膚相當重要的天然元素, 「氧化鋅」長年廣泛運用於醫藥、化妝品, 甚至是維他命的製劑成分,非常安全且有效。 可降低皮膚炎症,也可使皮膚自然代謝。 除了保護皮膚以外,smartcel™ sensitive使用專利技術, 於生產時將氧化鋅永久性的嵌入纖維中, 當皮膚釋放溼氣時,鋅的作用便會被觸發, 纖維與皮膚之間的活性反應便開始產生, 能長久且有效降低臭味和抗菌     醫療等級,舒適又安心 我們選用的smartcel™ sensitive氧化鋅纖維純度相當高, 且通過許多國際認證,所以不管你是異位性皮膚炎患者, 還是敏感膚質、體質的朋友,都可以放心穿戴! 闆娘要在這邊提醒大家,如果你正處於皮膚過敏期, 或是患有異位性皮膚炎,還是要去看醫生,才能藥到病除喔!   — 你可能有興趣: // CHEGO運動襪舒適度零負評的秘密 // // 多久需要淘汰襪子?// — 逛逛CHEGO 男款: 女款: