There are so many "technical socks" on the market. How is it different from general socks, sports socks, and odor control socks? We have sorted out 5 key points to tell you what technical socks are!


In a broad sense, technical socks are "Socks That Meet Specific Needs."
For example, socks that can effectively protect the soles of the feet during exercise and minimize injuries as much as possible. Or diabetic patients have severe damage to the nervous system, poor blood circulation, and the patient cannot feel the regular stimulation of the extremities; in this case, the doctor will recommend wearing unique compression socks to promote the blood circulation of the patient's feet.


So, how do you judge whether a pair of technical socks is comprehensive and meets your needs? Taking sports socks as an example, the following are the 5 key points we have sorted out below:

  1. Sock Shape

  2. Arch and Calf Compression

  3. Material

  4. Thickness

  5. Breathable


1. Sock Shape – Blister Protection

First, sock shape is the most important. We should notice if the sock shape is ergonomic and whether the snugness of the heel and toe is good enough. If the snugness is insufficient, the socks will become slip-off after wearing, and you have to pull them while exercising. The loose and slip-off socks will easily rub against the skin in the shoes, causing blisters or other injuries.



2. Arch and Calf Compression – Blood Circulation

Second, we should notice whether the arch or calf has compression. The compression power of the feet should be the strongest, and the compression power will decrease gradually up to the calf. Further, the compression power is not the tighter, the better. It depends on the tightness that you can accept.


In recent years, many technical socks claimed the function of arch compression. They are distinguished by complex knitting methods or bright colors at the arch, but they are as loose as general socks. The arch compression socks with the same snugness as casual socks do not have any support in the arch area! 


"Medical-grade Compression Socks" need to be approved by the FDA and are worn mainly by diabetic patients or patients with severe varicose veins. Medical-grade compression socks need to be worn under the doctor's direction.

(Reference: Compression Socks for Diabetes)



3. Material – Odor Control

Technical socks that are mostly made with “odor control” yarn. The odor control yarns have various production methods, but they are generally divided into:

  • Antibacterial Chemicals
  • Anti-odor Fiber Woven Into the Material.

If you want to know more about the socks material, we recommend the article "How to Choose the Best Running Socks? – About Material".


4. Thickness – Absorption

General socks will not have too much attention to the thickness, but technical socks are different. Usually, there is a specific purpose when wearing technical socks, such as running, jumping, or fast movement during exercise, which requires additional cushioning. 


We interviewed nearly 100 athletes when developing sports socks. Based on market research, we noticed that athletes generally feel that thin socks are less protective for the feet. However, the socks with full cushion are stuffy, which impacts the shoe size selection and agility. Therefore, it is desirable to thicken the metatarsal bones, toes, and heels that need to be cushioned, which are easy to rub.



5. Breathable – Temperature Control

We also can not forget the breathability! Whether general socks or technical socks, if the ventilation is not good, sweat and heat can easily accumulate on the feet, and the smell when taking off the socks is horrifying. The wet and sticky feet are also prone to mold infection.


Therefore, technical socks with good air permeability are usually designed with ventilation mesh on the instep to keep the feet dry and can also stabilize the temperature of the feet so that they are not easy to rise, indirectly reducing the probability of blisters!


After reading the introduction, do you have a preliminary understanding of technical socks? Welcome to CHEGO online shop and bring home the world's No.1 comfortable, soft, breathable technical socks!





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