Have you ever noticed some of the athletic socks are labeled “left” and “right”? Sometimes these socks are called “asymmetrical fit socks.” Actually, the asymmetrical fit socks can greatly improve the performance of athletes!


About Feet Shape

1- The Asymmetry Shape
Human feet are asymmetry.
Metatarsal bones near the toes are the widest, and the heels are the narrowest. 


2- The Length of the Toes is Different
The toes are arranged from high to low, not a regular shape.


3- The Feet Arch
Most people's feet arches are arched. Even the flat feet have slightly arched.


Our feet’ shape is irregular, but the normal socks are near a cylindrical shape. Because socks are elastic, there are basically no big problems with daily wear. But if you do intensive exercises, the problem comes!




The 3 Major Shortcomings of Normal Socks

1- Not Fit Enough
When we do intensive exercises, such as running a marathon or playing basketball, our feet must move very fast constantly, even jumping, running sideways, and sudden stops. The normal socks’ shape is near a cylindrical shape. The fit of feet is far from enough.


2- The Protection is Not Good Enough
When the socks are not fit enough for your feet, it is easy to break your skin or blisters due to friction, especially at the metatarsals of the little toe and thumb. The support and protection of the foot’s arch can be said to be zero. During intense, long-term exercise (such as the marathon), it is very likely that the elasticity of the plantar muscles will be tired, resulting in acquired arch collapse, plantar fasciitis, and other sports injuries.


3- The Elasticity is Not Good. The Socks Need To Be Adjusted Constantly
If the quality of the elastic yarn used for the socks you wear is not good, the socks will easily slide downwards. Or the socks have insufficient elasticity, sliding inside the shoes, and need to be constantly adjusted. Imagine if you need to keep pulling socks due to insufficient elasticity, it will greatly interfere with sports performance, exercise time control, and even competition results.



BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks

Understanding the needs of athletes and significantly improved the 3 major shortcomings of the normal socks, we developed "Barefoot Running Ankle Socks" for jogging, marathon, and triathlon. 

  • 3D Knit Tech: 
    The socks are designed to fit your left and right foot exclusively. Apart from this, we use 3D knit tech to weave the toes.
    The design of the toes is like a stepped shape from high to low,
     which fits exactly with the shape of the human’s feet.

  • Air-Cushion:
    The little toes, metatarsal bones, and heels are easy to get blisters or injured.

    We designed the air cushion to protect these places, to make sure you exercise without any worries!

  • Arch Support:
    At the arch of the foot, we choose "The cool Feeling Micro Fiber."
    The Cool Feeling Micro Fiber is implemented at the arch for better fit and support than normally used cotton. The arch support maintains foot agility during the long duration and high-intensity exercises. The Cool Feeling Micro Fiber assists in lowering the heat created in such conditions. 


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