So last month, I completed 300 miles in 30 days.
I'm really proud of completing it, but to be honest, in the end, they're all I wanted to do is just quit.
Around like day 23 feet just kept getting these nasty blisters.
So every step I took felt like I was walking on glass.
I realized how important it is to have the right running socks.
So for the past few days, I have been testing these new socks called BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks from CHEGO.
And let me tell you I am in love with these socks.

The best way I can describe these socks is: 
If you imagine your most comfy socks and your compression socks had a child.
These socks would be that child.

They are nice and thighs around your ankles and arches giving you good support
but nice and loose by the heels and toes with extra layers to prevent those nasty blisters.
These are the best socks I ever owned. I highly recommend them!


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