There are more and more people who have gotten COVID-19 and the virus has spread to many countries.
Many people feel anxious about the pandemic. Actually, we don’t have to be over panic,
because a good immune system can kill most viruses and germs.


What is the “Immune System”?
The immune system is like a defense system in our body. It can identify then kill viruses and germs.
If your immune system is too weak, you will get cold, tonsillitis, or partial inflammation easily.
On the contrary, if your immune system is too strong to let your body have overreaction, it will make the system imbalance.


How to Strengthen Your Immune System?
Keeping good habits is the first step! For example, high sleeping quality, a balanced and healthy diet,
no smoking and no alcoholism, taking vitamins moderately, these can keep your immune system at its best.
But the most important thing is EXERCISE REGULARLY! 
Doing exercise regularly can make your immune system be strong and kill viruses and germs more easily.
According to the medical studies in recent years, muscle and immune system are complementary.
The more muscles you have, the stronger your immune system is.



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