If you have smelly feet, you may feel embarrassed when you have to take off shoes.
In this article, we share the five ways to help you get rid of smelly feet!


What Causes Smelly Feet?

Before you want to battle smelly feet, you should know what causes smelly feet first!
There are two main reasons:


1- Bacteria and Moisture

One of the causes of foot odor is that the feet are kept in a warm and humid environment for a long time,
providing excellent bacteria growth conditions.
When the bacteria rid themselves of wastes from breaking down oils and dead skin cells, bad smells can result.


2- Unbalanced Diet

The other reason cause foot odor is the unbalanced diet.
Suppose you eat a lot of greasy food or meat, and the intake of fruits and vegetables is insufficient.
When the nutritional intake is not balanced, it will be shown in the smell of sweat.


Since bacteria mostly cause foot odor,
it is very likely to get onychomycosis and another foot disease if not dealt with in time.


Here are five ways to prevent feet odor:


1- Go to A Doctor 

If you already have foot disease, we strongly recommend that you see a doctor.
Do not listen to folk remedies; the professional judgment of a doctor is the most accurate!


2- Balanced Diet

Eat more fruits and vegetables.
Try to avoid greasy, spicy, and heavy-tasting meals.


3-Clean Your Feet Carefully

Carefully clean your feet when taking a bath,
which indirectly reduces the provision of bacterial food, and also reduces the chance of foot odor!


4- Put Shoes In a Ventilated Place

Moisture is also the leading cause of foot odor. The placement of shoes is critical!
Be sure to keep the shoe placement area ventilated and dry, which can effectively reduce odor.


5- Choose the Socks Which Are With Cotton Yarn, Breathable Design, and Anti-Odor Material

It is the most crucial point!
When we choose socks, avoiding nylon socks, and selecting the cotton one.
Cotton socks can help our feet keeping cool and dry.

We recommend our CHEGO Socks.
Not only the socks’ material are cotton, but also mix the anti-odor yarn—besides,
every pair of socks with honeycomb-shaped mesh.
The breathable design can release the feet’s sweat and heat faster than normal socks.

CHEGO socks are your best weapon for battling smelly feet!

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