Thank you CHEGO for the opportunity to try BAREFOOT Running Ankle Socks.⁣ 
⁣I fell in love with those socks right away.⁣

Here are the reasons why:⁣

  1. The socks are left and right fitted,
    which means they are securely staying on my feet without sliding and do not give me blisters. ⁣

  2.  I am in love with extra cushion at typical potential blisters area
    (under the ball of my foot), toe box, heel area. ⁣

  3. ⁣Toe room — so spacious,
    they don’t squeeze my toes and my toes can move freely inside the sock. ⁣

  4. ⁣Arch support feels so good. ⁣


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  • Coupon Code: LL15⁣


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