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About Size

How can I choose my socks size?

My foot size is between 2 sizes; how should I choose?

About Washing

Do I need to wash the new socks before wearing them?

Can CHEGO socks be washed and spun in a washing machine?

Can CHEGO socks be dried in a dryer?

Can CHEGO socks be washed with bleach or softener?

Will there be no odor-control effect after washing several times?

Will the socks loosen after washing them several times?

Other Questions

Why are CHEGO socks harder than when I first received them after wearing them for a while?

CHEGO socks are designed to cushion pads of the parts prone to friction or injury. Will it be stuffy to wear?

I have noticed a little hole on the side of the heel. Is this normal? Will it affect durability?